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A Quick Guide To A Cold Rolled Building

If you have never come across a cold rolled steel building here is a basic guide to what they are and what we manufacture.

  • All frame work is constructed from galvanised coil to create a cold rolled and punched channel, that when bolted together with our top hats and specially constructed eve/ridge beams and master plates form a light but very strong galvanised steel frame, just like a Mecano set only bigger in scale.
  • Because of the way they are manufactured an average shed can be transported in a standard builders trailor.
  • Buildings can range from a small garden shed to a large workshop / showroom or factory building up to 10 meters wide and unlimited length. Tata steel offers a choice of PVC coated colours for our buildings.
  • All steel buildings are bolted to a 6” inch concrete base which you the customer supplies after discussing the building size with us. If you need to move it at any time it simply unbolts and relocates to wherever is required.
  • We can quote for supply only or Supply and Fit, the only tools required is a 19mm socket/spanner a drill and 2 persons.

Reasons For Choosing a DRS Building

  • 1. All frame work is fully galvanised
  • 2. All cladding is Tata steel whichcomes with a 20 year guarantee
  • 3. DRS buildings only require a concrete base
  • 4. Seamless gutter is fitted as standard
  • 5. Non drip roof fitted as standard
  • 6. Factory made personnel doors fitted as standard
  • 7. Skylight
  • 8. From point of sale to fitment will take a maximum of 10 days
  • 9. Average of 2 to 3 days to fit most sheds
  • 10. Cold rolled frames offer big savings compared to traditional steel

We believe choice is very important so if you require extras such as the ones below we can accommodate you.

  • Windows
  • Extra or no skylight
  • internal walls
  • extra doors
  • insulated walls
  • ply lined walls
  • open bays e.g. car wash etc
  • Mixed colours